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Invitation to Tender: Governance Review

We are inviting tenders from qualified firms / individuals to undertake a governance review of our organisation. 

We are open to tenders that are based on all governance review methodologies, but we envisage the newly published Academy Trust Governance code being central to any successful project. We would anticipate the following (non-exhaustive) key questions to be considered as part of the review:

  1. Is our overall governance structure effective and fit for purpose?
  2. How effective are our various committees, and are they fit for purpose?
  3. What changes should we consider to the membership of our Members, our Trust Board and our subcommittees?
  4. Is our scheme of delegation effective and fit for purpose?
  5. How effective is governance supported throughout the Trust, and what might we do to improve it?

Full details are included in the invitation for tender document attached below. The deadline for submissions is 3pm on Wednesday 28 February 2024.

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